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core values

At Nail Origins, we stick to our Core Values: WELLBEING, EXPERIENCe, COMMUNITY.

WELLBEING: We will provide high quality cruelty-free and non-toxic nail polish with our guests in mind
so your nails can breathe and still enjoy being beautiful.

EXPERIENCE: Our atmosphere and decorations will aim towards giving the most relaxing and hygienic
experience where guests can leave all worries behind.

COMMUNITY: The biggest compliment for us is to see you coming back and becoming part of our family.

Dear Nail Origins friends & family

Having witnessed numerous beauty products that contain toxic chemicals, I have always envisioned using high quality cruelty-free, non-toxic nail products that can provide amazing experience to any guests that come into our salon. With a combined experience of over 40 years in the beauty and nail industry, we decided to focus our attention to providing as much vegan and organic options while providing the atmosphere of the nature and originality. We truly believe in well-being of our guests, reducing environmental footprint, and long-term sustainability.

At Nail Origins, we do not want it to be just another nail salon that you visit periodically. We aspire to be the original nail shop where people love to feel warm, welcomed, and cared for. We aspire to become a community that you are proud to talk about at your dinner table, social media, and various social events where people will wonder where you got your beautiful work done!

Our amazing staff is ready to take you on board.